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to the Garrison group of parishes, consisting of approximately three hundred parishioners. A minority community, mostly involved in agriculture, situated on the border between Fermanagh on the northern side and Leitrim and Donegal on southern side of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Two churches are used each Sunday, on a rotational basis (see worship) , for Sunday services. Garrison, Belleek and Slavin are in Fermanagh whilst Kiltyclogher is situated in north Leitrim. All the parishioners live in Northern Ireland.

Church of Ireland (Anglican Communion), This group of parishes is the most westerly in the Diocese of Clogher in Ireland.

Rector: Rev. Ngozi Njoku B.A.


T: 02868658699

M: 07515171579

Calendar of Events
November 2018
Sunday School
December 2018
Sunday School

Sunday 4th

Garrison 10.00am H.C.

Slavin 11.30am H.C.




Sunday 2nd


Garrison 10.00am

Slavin 11.30am



Sunday 11th

Remembrance Services

Belleek 10.00am

Garrison 5.00pm


Sunday 9th

Kiltyclogher 10.00am

Belleek 11.30am


Sunday 18th

Garrison 10.00am F.S.

Slavin 11.30am F.S.

Sunday 16th

Slavin 11.30 F.S.



Sunday 25th

Kiltyclogher 10.00am H.C.

Belleek 11.30am
























Sunday School:

Garrison First and Third Sunday of each month - Garrison Church Hall

Slavin First and Third Sunday of each month - Slavin Parish Church

Second and Fourth Sunday of each month - Wark Hall Belleek

Fifth Sunday – as announced


Tuesday at 8.00pm in Melvin View Orange Hall - All new members welcome

Recent News

Confirmation 2018

The Rt Revd John McDowell, Bishop of Clogher confirmed 8 candidates from our Group in Kiltyclogher Church this afternoon. We wish Abi, Emma, Ethan, Carly, Skye, Levi, Aoife, and Oisin God’s richest blessings for the future.






Harvest in Kiltyclogher 2018

The final Harvest in the Group was held in Kiltyclogher Church tonight. The Church was filled to capacity and was beautifully decorated with a huge array of flowers and vegetables. The service was led by the Rector, Rev. Ngozi. The preacher was Rev. Chancellor David Skuce from Inishmacsaint Parish Church. We were challenged to look after our planet, which God has given us, with a very interesting sermon involving two volunteers! 
The choir sang 2 anthems, ‘Redeemed’ and ‘Pass me not O gentle Saviour.’ The organist was Joy Graham. A delicious Harvest Supper was held in the Holiday Centre after the service.










Harvest in Garrison 2018

Garrison Church was beautifully decorated for Harvest, with lovely arrangements of flowers and vegetables. The service was led by Rev. Ngozi and the preacher was Abraham Storey. Joy Graham was the organist and also accompanied the choir. The choir pieces were, ‘Jesus send more labourers’ and ‘Strength for the Valleys’. A beautiful supper was served by the ladies of the Parish in Garrison Church Hall.










Harvest in Slavin 2018

Tonight we had Harvest in Slavin. The Church was filled to capacity. The service was conducted by Rev. Ngozi and the special preacher was Rev. John Corrie. The Bible reading was read by Pat Russell, who was visiting from Hampshire. Vivienne Ferguson read Katherine Elliott’s poem entitled ‘Harvest’. The choir sang ‘Little is Much When God is in it’, accompanied by Mrs. Sadie Moore. Audrey Ovens sang the solo ‘King of Kings, Majesty’ and she also read 2 poems which she had written herself. We also had solos by Michelle Elliott from Inishmacsaint Parish and she was accompanied by Gillian Rutherford. A delicious supper was served after the service. Thank you to all who helped with decorating the church, cleaning up the grounds, and those who served supper.







Celebrating the Birthdays of Mrs Edith and Mrs Eileen Kirkpatrick - June 2018

In Belleek Church we also celebrated Eileen Kirkpatrick’s forthcoming Birthday and Edie Kirkpatrick’s recent Birthday. Rachel Love thanked the Ladies for all they had done for Belleek Church and the Wark Hall by baking and making tea for over 60 years. Rachel also appreciated the way that Edie and Eileen are such great encouragers in the Church.
Eileen's grand daughter Aimée and her friend Wally sang a duet entitled, 'At the Cross'. Wally accompanied on guitar. Presentations were made to both Ladies by Rev.Ngozi and the Church Wardens Robert and Rachel. Birthday Cupcakes and juice were served after the Service.

Belleek Church - Prize Giving Service

Today in Belleek Church was the Prize Giving Service. The Children performed 2 plays, one about Zacchaeus and the other was called ‘Doctor Doctor’. The children were presented with their attendance prizes by Rev. Ngozi. The Sunday School Children then presented the Sunday School teachers with presents.

Garrison Church - Prize Giving Service

Sunday 17th June was the Sunday School Prize Giving in Garrison Parish Church. The children read different poems which included the use of marshmallows, raisins, chocolate chips and pop corn. They also took the letters of FATHER and gave us a meaning for each letter. Some of the children read Father’s Day poems and the older children recited the Apostle’s Creed. The lesson was read by Helen Thompson. Abi Brock played one of the hymns, ‘Jesus bids us shine’; Joy Graham was the organist. The children were presented with their prizes by Rev. Ngozi. Four members of the YWAM team who were staying in Garrison Rectory, were at church and spoke about their walk along the border from Rostrevor to Londonderry. Alex, one of the group, played the guitar and mouth organ and sang a song about the border walk which he had written himself.

After church, refreshments kindly donated by Dawn and Marion from the Holiday Centre, the Sunday School teachers and Rev. Ngozi were served. All men present were presented with gifts by Scott Brock and Ryan Graham.The collection was lifted by Scott and Ryan Carson assisted by Avril Thompson.
The Sunday School teachers thank all the children who took part in the service. They wish them an enjoyable summer break and ask them to please stay safe.

Belleek Church - Soup Lunch

Today was a Group Service as it was the 5th Sunday of the month. The service was in Belleek Church and after the service a Soup Lunch was served in the Wark Hall. The donations from the lunch are going towards the Rectory Fund. £630 was raised. Rev Ngozi thanked all who helped organise and provide for the lunch.

Baptism of Hollie Elizabeth Rose Deacon

Hollie Elizabeth Rose Deacon, baby daughter of Violet and David took place in Belleek Parish Church. The service of Baptism and Holy Communion were conducted by Rev. Ngozi Njoku. The Godparents were Edie Crawford and Jonathan Thompson

Baptism of Blake Gerald Brock

Blake Gerald Brock, son of Arlene and Ian was baptized by Rev. Ngozi Njoku in Garrison Parish church on Easter Sunday. The Godparents were Amanda and Alan Brock.


Jayne and Stanley Allinghan married on 22nd December 2017

Congratulations to Jayne and Stanley Allingham, on their marriage in Derryvullen North Parish, today. They were married by Stanley's rector, Rev. Ngozi.

Christingle Service on 31st December 2017

A Christingle service was held in Kiltyclogher Church this afternoon. Rev.Ngozi lead the service and at the end the children were invited to receive their individual Christingles made from oranges, fruit, red ribbon and a candle.

Carol Singing at the Switching on of the lights in Garrison on Friday 8th December

Switching on the lights tonight in Garrison. The 'Four Churches Choir' accompanied by Joy Graham sang a selection of Christmas Carols and Songs.

The Community Carol Service on Friday 29th December 2017

The Community Carol service in the Gillaroo Centre tonight was attended by members of our choir who helped form the 'Six Churches' Choir. Louise Leonard directed the choir, who were accompanied by Joy Graham who played the organ and Jane Weir on clarinet. Anne McCaughey sang a solo entitled ‘The Prayer’ accompanied by Louise. The readers were Mary Maguire, Melanie Lewis, Frank Fox, Patricia Duffy, Dominic Sharp and Rev. Ngozi. Thank you to all the readers and to those who attended the service.

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At a service of Holy Communion in Belleek Church this morning the family of the late Mrs. Gladys Thompson presented a cheque in lieu of flowers to Rev. Ngozi Njoku.
A total of £1850 was donated and £1550 was presented to Belleek Church by Laura, Avril and Clare, the 3 Granddaughters of Gladys. £300 has been donated to Ward 5 in SWAH. Robbie Johnston, on behalf of Belleek parishioners, thanked the Thompson family for such a generous donation to church funds. He also thanked all who had given donations.

Sunday School Party

A good night was had by all at the Sunday School party tonight. Pat and Gerry provided our music and the evening was complete with a visit from Santa.

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The Children’s Family Service was held in Slain Church on Sunday 10th  December.
Children from Garrison and Slavin & Belleek Sunday Schools took part.

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Mothers' Union and Choir Dinner

The Mothers' Union / Choir Christmas Christmas Dinner was held in the Holiday Centre Garrison. A lovely meal was served by Dawn and her staff. Thank you to Dot Barlow, (Branch Leader) for all the organisation involved.

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Garrison Parish held a Supper Dance in the Gilaroo Centre on Friday 3rd November.
A great night of food and fellowship was had by all, with excellent music by DJ Albert.

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On Tuesday 24th October the Slavin Poetry Book of Katherine C. Elliott by Vivienne Ferguson was launched in the Wark Hall, Belleek.  The Bishop of Clogher Rt Rev John McDowell launched the book. The evening was chaired by local historian Joe O’Loughlin, a contributor to the book. Also present were local MLA Rosemary Barton, Alex Baird, Vice Chairman of Omagh and Fermanagh Council, Rev. Noel Regan, Rev. Nigel Kirkpatrick, Rev. Samson Ajuka, and Rev. Ngozi Njoku.

We were very pleased to have a grandson of Katherine Elliott present, Ernie Elliott from Blaney, Derrygonnelly  and also a number of great grandchildren. Pamela O’Regan and Ernest McAllister travelled especially from Cork. 

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Copies of the Book and DVD can be obtained by contacting the Rector, Rev. Ngozi Njoku  on 02868658699.

Harvest Thanksgiving was held in Slavin Church, combined with the Dedication of a memorial stone to Katherine Cecilia Elliott. The church was full to capacity with relatives travelling from Co. Cork and England. The stone was unveiled by Stanley MacAllister and Robin Ferguson, great grandsons and John Maguire, Managing Director of Belleek Pottery.
It was dedicated by the rector, Rev. Ngozi Njoku.
Rosemary Barton MLA and Alex Baird, Vice Chairman of Fermanagh and Omagh District Council attended the service.
Past organists of the church were also present.

Harvest Thanksgiving in Belleek Church. The special preacher was Rev. Mandy Durrell from Derrygonnelly, Churchill and Springfied Methodist churches. The readers were Mrs Maria McGuinness, Hazel Hatton, and Rev. Mandy. The choir sang 2 anthems, 'Master we will work for Thee' and 'My life flows on in endless song'. The organist was Sadie Moore. A delicious supper was served in the Wark Hall.


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Garrison Harvest Thanksgiving- The service was led by Mrs. Eileen Cutler from Inishmacsaint Parish. The church was tastefully decorated. The choir sang two anthems, 'Look and Live', and 'Will you walk with me?'. They were accompanied by Joy Graham who also played the congregational Hymns. The lessons were read by Edwin Long and Dot Barlow. Eileen Cutler preached the sermon. A delicious supper was served by the ladies of Garrison Parish after the service. Joy thanked Eileen for preaching, all the visitors for coming and all who had helped with supper.

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Harvest Thanksgiving at Kiltyclogher Church.
The church was decorated with vast arrangements of flowers and vegetables. The service was led by the Rector Rev. Ngozi and the special preacher was Rev. Richard Beadle, the new Rector of Manorhamilton. His theme was 'Rejoice in the Lord always.'
The organist was Joy Graham and the choir sang 2 anthems.
The Bible readings were read by Rev. Richard and Dorothy Barlow.
A delicious supper was served to the large congregation in the community centre after the service.

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A dedication of a memorial stone to the late Katherine Elliott (1850-1910)

On Friday 15th September, Slavin Parish Church held a service of Dedication  of a memorial stone to the late Katherine Elliott (1850-1910), combined with Harvest Thanksgiving.
Katherine Elliott was the daughter of Robert Williams Armstrong, a co-founder of Belleek Pottery.

She was born in London and the family came to Belleek in 1850 when her father, an architect, was involved with the building of the Pottery. Katherine was very well educated and was a talented musician, artist and poet.

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Congratulations to Mr. Chris and Mrs. Eleanor Haney (nee Scott) who were married in Belleek Church on Thurs 3rd August.

Collage – Photo of Family Services throughout the year. Thank you to all who have helped to teach Sunday school



Fathers Day, 18th June was held in Garrison Church when  the children took part by leading the congregation in prayer, singing a song, reading a poem and doing the collection. The children all received their prizes while Clare Thompson also was awarded a certificate for memorizing the books of the New Testament.

The 5th annual Border Walk with YWAM

On Thursday 15th June we provided an evening meal in Kiltyclogher for a group of 40 young people who are doing the 5th annual Border Walk with YWAM Ireland. They are walking from Rostrevor to Londonderry. As they walk they are praying for the legacy of the Troubles and for healing for those on all sides who still live with the physical and emotional scars of that time. On Thursday they walked from Belcoo to Belleek, and on Friday they walk to Kesh.
Thank you to the ladies who provided food for the meal, helped to serve and washed up.

The June Family Service in Belleek

The June Family Service was held in Belleek. The children performed 2 dramas and led the service in prayer and song.
They received attendance prizes.

On Sunday 4th June In Slavin we welcomed four visitors to Slavin from Canada and two from Dublin.
We were pleased to have Doug Fletcher and his wife Twyla from Edmonton, Alberta, also Wendy Davison and Shirley Bullock from Ontario. The Dublin visitors were Kenneth Ferguson and Geoffrey Corry. 
They were able to see the graves of their ancestors who lived at Tiernagher, Belleek. Geoffrey and Kenneth are grandsons of Alexander Ferguson. Doug Fletcher is a grandson of Elizabeth Ferguson and Wendy is a granddaughter of Frank Ferguson, all who came from Tiernagher.

Bishop John McDowell and Rev. Ngozi Njoku with the Church Wardens of Slavin, Robert Ovens, (Rector’s) ,Thomas Ovens (People’s) and Florence Earls, Secretary of the Select Vestry and cousin of Ernie Stinson. Also included are Ernie’s relatives who travelled to the service.
From left – Robert Ovens, (Rector’s Church Warden), Rev. Ngozi Njoku, Florence Earls (Secretary and cousin of Ernie), Bishop John McDowell, Robert Earls and Thomas Ovens (People’s Church Warden)


Dedication of an Electrified Chruch Bell by the late Ernie Stinson

An Electrified Church Bell was dedicated in Slavin Church on Sunday 30th April 2007 in memory of the late Ernie Stinson. The system was dedicated by the Bishop of Clogher, Rt Revd John McDowell.
The new system was made possible by a gift from Ernie. For this, the Select Vestry and parishioners are very grateful.

The service was attended by Ernie’s nephews and nieces, some who had travelled from Scotland and England. Also many of his friends and neighbours from the local community.
After the service the ladies of Slavin served a soup lunch and sandwiches in the church to all present, followed by apple tart and tea. See more . .












Baptism of Luke Thomas Ovens on Easter Sunday, 16th April 2017

The baptism of Luke Thomas Ovens took place in Slavin Church on Easter Sunday, 16th April. Luke, his parents and maternal grandparents travelled from Scotland for the service. His god parents were Alan Ovens and Julie Ovens.  It was a proud moment for his two great grandmothers Mrs. Gretta Ovens and Mrs. Lily Graham. 


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Baptism of Robyn Earls,baby daughter of Jenna and Edwin in Slavin Church on 1st Jan 2017

Robyn Earls, daughter of Edwin and Jenna was baptised at Slavin today. It was a service of Baptism with Holy Communion, conducted by Rev. Ngozi.

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Joint Mothers' Union and Choir Christmas Meal, held in The Forge, Belleek

The Choir and Mothers' Union held their Annual Christmas Dinner this year in The Forge, Belleek. Rev. Ngozi opened with Grace. A lovely Christmas meal was served by Valerie, George and their staff. Everyone enjoyed the food and fellowship. Dot Barlow, MU Branch Leader thanked all the staff for the good service, food, and everyone who attended.

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Sunday School Party held in the Wark Hall. Music for the games was provided by The Lakelanders


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A Christingle Service

A family Service in the form of a Christingle Service was held in Kiltyclogher Parish Church on Sunday 30th October. The Children from the Group took part and were presented with their Christingle Oranges. They presented their Christingle Boxes for The Children's Society. Collections are still coming. To date £197.35 and €43 has been handed in.

A Guest Tea organised by Garrison Parish Church

On 29th October, a Guest Tea was organised by Garrison Parish Church in the Gillaroo Community Centre.
The event was very well attended and supported by all the parishioners in the Group and by the local community, and neighbouring parishes. The evening finished with some Drama performed by Garrison Sunday School teachers and some live music for dancing.
The proceeds of the evening came to £ 2515, an excellent effort by those who worked very hard to organise, and provide food.

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Harvest Thanksgiving in Belleek Church

Belleek Parish held their Harvest Service on Friday 23rd September. It was well attended by the local community who were made most welcome.  The Rector welcomed visiting preacher, Rev. Canon Henry Blair, Rector of Magheraculmoney Parish, Kesh. She also welcomed his wife Helen and son Nathan who accompanied the congregational hymn singing.  Deane Houston, from Lisnarick,  also accompanied the hymn singing, by playing the drums. It was a very joyful and uplifting service. Canon Blair preached on the Parable of the Mustard seed and added his own Parable of the Carrot seed, showing us the results of his carrot harvest. 

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Children's presentation on Sunday 18th September 2016








Harvest Thanksgiving and Dedication Service in Slavin Church

Slavin Church was packed to full capacity, for a Service of Harvest Thanksgiving on Friday 16th September 2016. A poem written by Katherine Cecilia Elliott was also dedicated, to hang on the Church wall. Katherine was born in London 1850 and was the daughter of Robert Armstrong Founder, of Belleek Pottery. She attended boarding school in France and Germany. Katherine was a talented artist, musician and poet. In spite of disapproval from her parents, Katherine married James Elliott, a local tenant farmer, and they experienced great hardship in the 1870’s. Katherine who had been used to servants, had to survive by working hard, bringing up her family, on the farm.

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Dedication Service in Belleek Parish

A Service of Dedication was held in Belleek Parish Church on Sunday 28th August. The Bishop of Clogher, Rt. Revd. John McDowell dedicated a Public Address System donated by Jim & Muriel Johnston & Family. This was given in memory of Jim's parents James & Millicent Johnston of Druminillar, Belleek.   Prayer Books were also donated by the Johnston family in memory of Jim's Uncle Robert Johnston.   The service was conducted by the Rector Rev. Ngozi Njoku. The choir accompanied by the organist, Mrs Sadie Moore sang and anthem entitled, 'Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me'. The lessons were read by Ethan Johnston, great grandson of James and Millicent, and by James Pye. 
The ladies of Belleek Parish served tea after the service in the Wark Hall.  

The Baptism of Reuban Charles Stuart Gregg

Reuben Charles Stuart Gregg, baby son of Lindsey and Jason Gregg, Callagheen, Belleek, was baptised on Sunday 21st August in Slavin Parish Church.






The Baptism of Charlotte Eloise Elliott

Charlotte Eloise Elliott, infant daughter of Julie and Neville Elliott, who was baptised in Garrison Church on Sunday 31st July 2016. The baptism service was taken by the Rector, Rev. Ngozi Njoku.








The Wedding of Lisa Acheson to Gareth Beacom

The wedding of Lisa Acheson (Garrison Parish) and Gareth Beacom from Kesh, took place on Saturday 23rd July in Garrison Parish Church.
The ceremony was carried out by Rev. Ngozi Njoku and the Groom's Aunt, Rev.Stephanie Woods, Rector of Lisbellaw Parish, preached the sermon.


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Celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday in Kiltyclogher Church

Prayers of thanksgiving were said to mark the 90th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday 12th June in Belleek Church.
The national anthem was sung at the end of the service. After the service everyone was served a drink and cup cakes for a celebration party.

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The Wedding of Graeme Gregg to Sandra Keague

The wedding of Graeme Gregg of Slavin Parish and Sandra McKeague took place in Slavin Church on Saturday 28th May. The marriage ceremony was carried out by Rev. Ngozi Njoku. Best wished to the Bride and Groom as they make their home in Lisburn.





Annual Prize Giving for Slavin and Belleek Sunday School

Slavin and Belleek Sunday School held their Annual Prize Giving Service on Sunday 12th June in Belleek Church.
The children led the service, did the prayers, and performed two sketches entitled, ‘The core of the Crime’, and ‘Holiday of a Lifetime’. Oisin Gregg was the Inspector in the first sketch and Sarah Johnston was Eve. In the sketch, ‘Holiday of a Lifetime’, The Travel Agent was Aoife Gregg and her clients were Ethan Johnston, Skye Love and Levi Love.
All the children sang two songs, ‘He made the stars to shine’, and ‘God loves you and I love you’.
The Junior class, Jake Gregg, Callum Gregg, Matthew Johnston, Jessica Johnston and William Pye said two prayers. . .

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The Wedding of Marcella to Robert Irwin

Wedding of Marcella and Robert Irwin, held Friday 12th Feb in Kiltyclogher.
We wish them much happiness as they settle into married life in the Parish.







The Christmas Family Service in Slavin

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MU and Choir Christmas Dinner in Melvin Holiday Centre Garrison








Ecumenical Choir which sang at Carol service in Cashel Community Centre








MU Flower arranging Night. Picture of winners of the arrangements








The Wedding of Ruth Stephens to William Allingham

William Allingham of Kiltyclogher Parish married Ruth Stephens in Kiltyclogher Church in May last year. The wedding ceremony was performed by Rev. Ngozi.






Mothers' Union Craft Evening with Lynn Winslow







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