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to the Garrison group of parishes, consisting of approximately three hundred parishioners. A minority community, mostly involved in agriculture, situated on the border between Fermanagh on the northern side and Leitrim and Donegal on southern side of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Two churches are used each Sunday, on a rotational basis (see worship) , for Sunday services. Garrison, Belleek and Slavin are in Fermanagh whilst Kiltyclogher is situated in north Leitrim. All the parishioners live in Northern Ireland.

Church of Ireland (Anglican Communion), This group of parishes is the most westerly in the Diocese of Clogher in Ireland.

Rector: Canon Ngozi Njoku B.A.


T: 02868658699

M: 07515171579

Calendar of Events
January / February 2020
Sunday School
March 2020
Sunday School

Sunday 1st March

Garrison 10.00am H.C.

Slavin 11.30am H.C.




Sunday 5th April


Garrison 10.00am H.C.

Slavin 11.30am H.C.

Palm Sunday



Sunday 8th March

Kiltyclogher 10.00am F.S.

Belleek 11.30am F.S.


Wednesday 8th April

Belleek 8.00pm E.P.


Sunday 15th March

Garrison 10.00am H.C.

Slavin 11.30am H.C.

Thursday 9th April


Slavin 8.00pm H.C.

Maundy Thursday



Sunday 22nd March


Kiltyclogher 10.00am

Belleek 11.30am

Mother's Day


Friday 10th April

Garrison 8.00pm E.P.

Good Friday



Sunday 29th March

Belleek 11.30am

Confirmation - Group Service

Sunday 12th April

Kiltyclogher 10.00am H.C.

Belleek 11.30am H.C.

Easter Sunday


Sunday 19th April

Garrison 10.00am F.S.

Slavin 11.30am F.S.

Sunday 26th April

Kiltyclogher 10.00am M.P.

Belleek 11.30am M.P

Sunday 3rd May

Garrison 10.00am F.S.

Slavin 11.30am F.S.

Sunday 10th May

Kiltyclogher 10.00am M.P.

Belleek 11.30am M.P




Sunday School:

Garrison First and Third Sunday of each month - Garrison Church Hall

Slavin First and Third Sunday of each month - Slavin Parish Church

Second and Fourth Sunday of each month - Wark Hall Belleek

Fifth Sunday – as announced


Tuesday at 8.00pm in Melvin View Orange Hall - All new members welcome

Recent News

Thomas Carson

Thomas Carson of Garrison Killed in World War I

Thomas J Carson was born in the townland of Knocknashangan, Garrison in 1897, the only child of William and Christina Carson.
Before WW1, the family moved to Kells in Co. Meath where they were employed by a family of landed gentry.
Following of the outbreak of the Great War and very much against his parent’s wishes, Thomas joined the army in Dublin. His parents bought him out however, he rejoined the 1st Irish Guards at Finner and landed in France on 21st September 1914. Thomas was fighting in the Battle of Festubert which began on the 13th May 1915 and he died on the 17th May from wounds he sustained in the battle at 17 years old.
When Thomas’ parents were informed of his death they were given no time off work.
His grave site is unknown however, it is thought he is buried at Brown’s Road, Military Cemetery, Festubert.
A memorial tablet/plaque was erected by Thomas’ parents in his memory in Garrison Parish Church and his name is on the list of those read out each year on Remembrance Sunday, as he is remembered.
After the war ended Thomas’ parents returned to Fermanagh and settled at Cashelnadrea, Garrison.
Private Carson has a number of relatives still living in Garrison Parish.


The Rt Revd John McDowell, Bishop of Clogher confirmed 8 candidates from our Group in Kiltyclogher Church this afternoon. We wish Abi, Emma, Ethan, Carly, Skye, Levi, Aoife, and Oisin God’s richest blessings for the future.






Harvest in Kiltyclogher

The final Harvest in the Group was held in Kiltyclogher Church tonight. The Church was filled to capacity and was beautifully decorated with a huge array of flowers and vegetables. The service was led by the Rector, Rev. Ngozi. The preacher was Rev. Chancellor David Skuce from Inishmacsaint Parish Church. We were challenged to look after our planet, which God has given us, with a very interesting sermon involving two volunteers! 
The choir sang 2 anthems, ‘Redeemed’ and ‘Pass me not O gentle Saviour.’ The organist was Joy Graham. A delicious Harvest Supper was held in the Holiday Centre after the service.










Harvest in Garrison

Garrison Church was beautifully decorated for Harvest, with lovely arrangements of flowers and vegetables. The service was led by Rev. Ngozi and the preacher was Abraham Storey. Joy Graham was the organist and also accompanied the choir. The choir pieces were, ‘Jesus send more labourers’ and ‘Strength for the Valleys’. A beautiful supper was served by the ladies of the Parish in Garrison Church Hall.










Harvest in Slavin

Tonight we had Harvest in Slavin. The Church was filled to capacity. The service was conducted by Rev. Ngozi and the special preacher was Rev. John Corrie. The Bible reading was read by Pat Russell, who was visiting from Hampshire. Vivienne Ferguson read Katherine Elliott’s poem entitled ‘Harvest’. The choir sang ‘Little is Much When God is in it’, accompanied by Mrs. Sadie Moore. Audrey Ovens sang the solo ‘King of Kings, Majesty’ and she also read 2 poems which she had written herself. We also had solos by Michelle Elliott from Inishmacsaint Parish and she was accompanied by Gillian Rutherford. A delicious supper was served after the service. Thank you to all who helped with decorating the church, cleaning up the grounds, and those who served supper.







Celebrating the Birthdays of Mrs Edith and Mrs Eileen Kirkpatrick

In Belleek Church we also celebrated Eileen Kirkpatrick’s forthcoming Birthday and Edie Kirkpatrick’s recent Birthday. Rachel Love thanked the Ladies for all they had done for Belleek Church and the Wark Hall by baking and making tea for over 60 years. Rachel also appreciated the way that Edie and Eileen are such great encouragers in the Church.
Eileen's grand daughter Aimée and her friend Wally sang a duet entitled, 'At the Cross'. Wally accompanied on guitar. Presentations were made to both Ladies by Rev.Ngozi and the Church Wardens Robert and Rachel. Birthday Cupcakes and juice were served after the Service.

Belleek Church - Prize Giving Service

Today in Belleek Church was the Prize Giving Service. The Children performed 2 plays, one about Zacchaeus and the other was called ‘Doctor Doctor’. The children were presented with their attendance prizes by Rev. Ngozi. The Sunday School Children then presented the Sunday School teachers with presents.

Garrison Church - Prize Giving Service

Sunday 17th June was the Sunday School Prize Giving in Garrison Parish Church. The children read different poems which included the use of marshmallows, raisins, chocolate chips and pop corn. They also took the letters of FATHER and gave us a meaning for each letter. Some of the children read Father’s Day poems and the older children recited the Apostle’s Creed. The lesson was read by Helen Thompson. Abi Brock played one of the hymns, ‘Jesus bids us shine’; Joy Graham was the organist. The children were presented with their prizes by Rev. Ngozi. Four members of the YWAM team who were staying in Garrison Rectory, were at church and spoke about their walk along the border from Rostrevor to Londonderry. Alex, one of the group, played the guitar and mouth organ and sang a song about the border walk which he had written himself.

After church, refreshments kindly donated by Dawn and Marion from the Holiday Centre, the Sunday School teachers and Rev. Ngozi were served. All men present were presented with gifts by Scott Brock and Ryan Graham.The collection was lifted by Scott and Ryan Carson assisted by Avril Thompson.
The Sunday School teachers thank all the children who took part in the service. They wish them an enjoyable summer break and ask them to please stay safe.

Belleek Church - Soup Lunch

Today was a Group Service as it was the 5th Sunday of the month. The service was in Belleek Church and after the service a Soup Lunch was served in the Wark Hall. The donations from the lunch are going towards the Rectory Fund. £630 was raised. Rev Ngozi thanked all who helped organise and provide for the lunch.

Baptism of Hollie Elizabeth Rose Deacon

Hollie Elizabeth Rose Deacon, baby daughter of Violet and David took place in Belleek Parish Church. The service of Baptism and Holy Communion were conducted by Rev. Ngozi Njoku. The Godparents were Edie Crawford and Jonathan Thompson

Baptism of Blake Gerald Brock

Blake Gerald Brock, son of Arlene and Ian was baptized by Rev. Ngozi Njoku in Garrison Parish church on Easter Sunday. The Godparents were Amanda and Alan Brock.