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History Introduction

'There in pinnacled protection

One extinguished family waits

A Church of Ireland resurrection

By the broken, rusty gates

Sheepswool, straw and droppings cover

Graves of spinster, rake and lover

Whose fantastic mausoleum

Sings it's own seablown Te Deum

In and out the slipping slates'

from Sir John Betjeman, Ireland With Emily.

Contrary to what John Betjeman's poetry may have you believe, there is life in the dear old C of I.

The Church of Ireland is part of the world-wide Anglican Communion. It is a reformed and Catholic church - a church of word and sacrament. There are about 300,000 Anglicans in Northern Ireland (~18% of the population) and 90,000 in the Republic (~2% of the population). A brief overview of Church of Ireland belief and practice, is kept on the official C of I site.


Rectors and Vicars

1791-18th July, 1795 – Andrew Allen.

1795 James Cochrane was James Atholl Cochrane, 6th son of Thomas 8th Earl of Dundonald, was born 23 Oct., 1751, M.A. married Mary Smithson in 1792. The parish was sequestered for non-payment of Visitation Fees October 16th, 1805. He died in February 1823.

1823 – Paris Bradshaw. Resigned Belleek in 1824 for Vicar of Dysert and Kilmoleran.

1824 - James Benson Tuttle was son of Rev. Hugh Tuttle of Drumkeeran, born in Fermanagh and educated by Dr. Burrowes, at Portora Royal School entered Trinity College, Dublin, aged 16 on Dec. 3, 1804, aged 16. Was a J.P. for Co. Fermanagh and was Curate in Belleek 1823-4. The parish was sequestered on 6 May, 1837, for a debt of £700, due by the Rector. Annuity at Disestablishment £212 13s. 5d. He died 19 Aug., 1877, aged 90. He was Curate in Inishmacsaint 1811-23.

1878 - Andrew Elliott, instituted, 21 January 1878. Resigned. in 1881 for Garrison.

1882 - John Watson, Lic. Curate-in-Charge 1882-4, inst. Incumbent Jan. 15, 1884. Resigned, Belleek 8 Aug., 1885.

1885 - Henry Hare, Curate-in-charge with Slavin.

1886 - Richard Hemphill, Resigned Belleek in 1887, for Curacy of Donoughmore.

1887 – Joshua Owen, Curate-in-charge, appointed Incumbent in 1891. Resigned 19th July, 1899

1899 - John O'Connor, inst. Sep. 26, resigned for Killeevan 1907.

1907 - William Thompson Bredin Naylor, inst. Feb. 18th. He resigned for Donacavey, 1926.

1926 - George Kingston, Lic. Curate-in-charge, Feb. 8th; resigned. in Oct., 1926, for Curacy in Dundalk.

1926 - James McKew, Lie, See Kilmore,


1793 - Wettenhall Sneyd.

1823-4-James Benson Tuttle.

1824 –John Dunbar.

1853-9. Robert Brown. His wife is buried in Castle Caldwell Churchyard.

1860-3 - Walter Riky.

1865-7.-Halahan Dunbar, Curate-in-Charge Slavin, c. 1846-62, Inishmacsaint Parish.

Belleek (Bel Leict)-os rupis "the ford mouth of the Flagstone." So called from the flat-surfaced rock in the ford, which when the water decreases in summer appears as level as a marble floor." (O'Donovan's Four Masters, v. 134). It is well known for its beautiful pottery. The parish was formed out of Templecarne by Order in Council; 1791.The church built 1788, Glebe House 1826 and repaired in 1836. Belleek Schoolhouse licensed for Public Worship as the Parish Church inconvenient for some of the parishioners, being 4 miles distant, 23rd November, 1875. On Mar. 24, 1909, the Parochial Hall, Belleek, was consecrated as a Chapel of Ease and a burial ground adjoining was also consecrated. Rev. Edward R. Parr, M. A., Rector of Morley, Norfolk. had conveyed the building and ground to the R.C.B. for the Church of Ireland.

Baptism and Marriage Registers from 1819 are in the Rector's custody with notes by the Rev. J. B. Tuthill, and "Rewards offered" for Lawless Persons. Also Vestry Minutes from 1822 of the Communion Plate a Chalice and Paten are inscribed "Presented by Mrs. Moore to Belleek Parish Church, 1884."



District Curates.


c1840 - George Harrison Reade. See Inniskeen.

1841 - George Houston (Bourns and Thom) is here 1844.

1846-58 - Halahan Dunbar appears. See Inishmacsaint Curates. /

1867 - Robert Andrew Phoenix. See Garrison.

1876 - Robert McGregor. See Lisbellaw;

1877 - Charles Ephraim J. B. Morrow. See Tempo.

1880.-Andrew Elliott, Lie. April 2nd.

1886.-John Magill, Lie. Mar. 17, held with Garrison.

1890 - Thomas H. MacFaddin, Lie. Oct. 8th. See Garrison.

1894.-George Charles O’Keeffe, Lie. April 23 (D.R.) with Garrison.

Slavin was never a parish in the true sense of the word; was originally a district curacy in Inishmacsaint parish and is now held with Garrison. The Eccleastical Commissioners, spent £31258. 8d. on repairs to the Church between 1835 and 1865.

The Parish Registers from 1824 were lost in the P.R.O.



Perpetual Curates.

1827.-Andrew Young, son of Rev. Andrew Young, Curate of Dromore was born in Co. Tyrone "Friday, the 9th February, 1771, a little after eight in the evening." was lie. Curate, Devenish 9 July, 1809 and continued as such until Garrison was formed, when he probably became P.C. He was married in Garrison Church to Mary Anne Hamilton on Jan. 18, 1814.

1849.-John Devereux Fleury (Oldham) ; son of Rev. Henry F., b. at Trarnoro, 11111 T.e.D. June 17,1840, aged 18, cd. by Rw. Mr. p .. ice, B.A.1845. Annuity, 1870, £/011 res. 30 March, 1872 (D.R.) ; e. Kilmeaden, Waterford, 1873-91. He probably ,111I1t Garrison from 1847. See also App. IV.

Incumbents, etc.

1872-3.-Vaeant. Robert Pboenix, Off. Minister. See Slavin

1874.-Joseph Mayne, Lie. C.-in-Charge Mar. 31 (D.R.) ; eoll Inc.Ton lapse) in euoooruuun to Fleury, Nov. 26,1875 (D.R.); T.C.D. B.A. 1877, M.A. 1880, ord. D. 1874, P. HI '1 11 , (Armagh), res. Garrison27 Feb., 1878, R. Killasne'o't 1878-90, V. Killinkere 1890-~, V Larah 1894-23, Arehd. of Kilmore 1909-23, cot.ired on superunnuat.ion. His wifo J1JU"" d. Feb. 26, 1914. He d. Mar. 7, 1927. aged 85; bur. at Lavey.

1878-80,- Vaoant.

1880.-Andrew Elllott, colI (on lapse) in succ. to Mayne, April 2 (D.R.) ; res. in J 1111 for Barr, q.i7. Was also C. Slavin,

1886.-John Maglll,eol1.17 Mar. (with Slavin) , res. 1890. Soe Inniskeon. 1890.-Wllllam Albert Betty, Lie. C. 8 Oct. and Lie. C.-in-Charge 11 Nov .. (D.R.) l'Il~, 1892. See Donaghmoine,

1892.-Thomas Hugh Ma.cFaddin, Lic. to Garrison and Slavin Oct. 8 (D.R.); T.C.P.

B.A. 1887. ni-. Tes!;. (2) 1888, B.D. 1893, ord. D. 1888, P. 1889, C. Ch. Ch., Belfast, 1888-90, C. Inishmacsaint 1890-2, bacamo E. Kilmanagh (03S.), in 1894; d. 26 Dsc., 1905. His 4th son, Geol'ge Loft-us, Lat Batt , Irish Guards, d. from wounds in the Great War, June 3, 1918. His yst. daurBoatrioo m. June 30,1926, Wm.J., son of J. H.Adams, Killaliss, Shercock, Co. Cavan.

895.-George Charles O'Keeffe, inst. May 25 (D.R.), son of Gaorge O'K. and his wife Margaret, yst , dau. of Richard Dane, D.L., of Killyhovlin, T.C.D. B.A. 1888, ord , D. 1893, P. 1894, C. Larah 1893-4, C.' in-Charge Garrison 1894-5 (S0e Slavin).


921.-William Frederick Frazer, nom. by Bp. Lie. C. Feb. 3 (D.R.) See Diocesan Curates.

Garrison Church was built as a Ch-ms! of Ease in Devenish parish in 1827.

There must have been a Church here in 1814 (see Young above). The date of the foundation of the Parish as a Perpetual Curacy was not recorded in the D.R. A Faculty to alter the Church was granted in 1891, April 22 (D,R.) The Registers from 1831 to 1877 were destroyed in the p,R.a., but a copy of the Baptismal Register was made and is in Parochial Custody.

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