Annual Prize Giving for Slavin and Belleek Sunday School

Slavin and Belleek Sunday School held their Annual Prize Giving Service on Sunday 12th June in Belleek Church.
The children led the service, did the prayers, and performed two sketches entitled, ‘The core of the Crime’, and ‘Holiday of a Lifetime’. Oisin Gregg was the Inspector in the first sketch and Sarah Johnston was Eve. In the sketch, ‘Holiday of a Lifetime’, The Travel Agent was Aoife Gregg and her clients were Ethan Johnston, Skye Love and Levi Love.
All the children sang two songs, ‘He made the stars to shine’, and ‘God loves you and I love you’.

The Junior class, Jake Gregg, Callum Gregg, Matthew Johnston, Jessica Johnston and William Pye said two prayers.
Rev. Ngozi Njoku presented the children with their attendance Prizes. Special Prizes were awarded to Ethan and Sarah Johnston for missing only one Sunday and to Aoife Gregg who missed just 3 Sundays. Ethan and Sarah also tied jointly for a prize for good attendance at church, over the year.

Rev Ngozi asked the congregation to give a round of applause to the children for their excellent presentations and to the teachers, Florence and Doreen Earls for their work with the children for the service and over the year.